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the_altverse's Journal

Adventures in time and space
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Welcome to the Altverse

Journey's End left Rose Tyler and a half-human Doctor standing on a beach in Norway. What happened then?

This community is where you'll find a virtual series of adventures for Rose and the Doctor, now with their TARDIS back up and running.

Posting to this community is restricted to the writers of the episodes, but feel free to comment, and if you think you'd like to be involved in any future virtual episodes, contact altversemod (details below).

As for this comm: have fun, play nice and enjoy the fics!

For getting in touch with the mods:
PM us || Email us || Comment at av_confidential or altversemod

Your Russell T Davies for this is: shinyopals
Your Julie Gardner is ginamak

Supertemp: cassandra_elise || Editor-in-Chief: iluvmusicals || Continuity Chief: starlightmoonla || Head of Art & Graphics: jesidres

Production team provided for information only. Please use contact details above.

Doctor Who and the various characters, settings and images used as part of this venture are sole properties of the BBC and none of the involved are making any money from this venture or claiming any ownership. This is for fun only.

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